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Sammlung von australischer Literatur wie auch nicht-fiktionaler Prosa aus verschiedenen Quellen, beinhaltet auch verschiedene Sondersammlungen. Durchsuchbar nach Autor, Titel und Stichwörtern. Betrieben von der University of Sydney.

The Australian Poetry Collection is the largest dedicated national library of Australian poetry, past and present.

It comprises a substantial collection of Australian anthologies, individual author collections from poets across Australia; chapbooks and literary journal series and periodicals; newsletters and magazines produced by Australian literary organisations; ephemera such as posters, flyers, concrete poetry and other artwork; and contemporary, new releases.

Literarisches Übersetzen war in der kulturellen Bildung bisher unterrepräsentiert - dabei schult der Prozess des Übersetzens Sprachkompetenz, Kreativität und interkulturelle Fähigkeiten. Im Projekt "Echt absolut* - literarisches Übersetzen mit Jugendlichen" wurden Workshopformate und Arbeitsmaterialien erarbeitet und erprobt, die nun Lehrenden und Übersetzer*innen für eigene Projekte gratis zur Verfügung stehen. Die Materialien sind für die 7.-11. Klasse konzipiert.

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, the second to appear online. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, scholarly, and critical guide to science fiction in all its forms.

This presentation of the SF Encyclopedia was drafted as an emergency fallback in case of server failure at our long-established (since 2011) Hachette / Orion / Gollancz platform, and developed as a replacement to become public after the old arrangement with Gollancz came to an end on 29 September 2021.

The new site – launched on 6 October 2021 – imitates the general look and feel of the 2011-2012 design by STEEL of London, but with a number of rearrangements and improvements.

1,001 Novels: A Library of America is an interactive literary map of America. A map on which over one thousand novels have been plotted based on the geographical 'heart' of each story. 

'1,001 Novels: A Library of America' is a project of love created by Susan Straight, a novelist and professor at UC Riverside. Over the course of five years, Susan read and mapped 1,001 novels set in the United States. The resulting interactive map allows you to explore American novels by region, plot, and theme.

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks, Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online. You will find the world’s great literature here (not only in English), with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers digitized and diligently proofread the eBooks, for you to enjoy.

Über 5'000 gemäss australischem Urheberrecht frei verfügbare eBooks werden auf dieser Plattform angeboten. Es umfasst Werke australischer Schriftsteller, Bücher über Australien und Titel, welche für Australien interessant sein könnten.

Bringing the genius of Charles Dickens to a new generation of readers since 1997.

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