AustLit's mission is to be the definitive information resource and research environment for Australian literary, print, and narrative cultures.

AustLit is a searchable, scholarly source of authoritative biographical, bibliographic, critical, and production information about Australian writers and writing.

It also documents the publishers, newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals that make this work known.

Material dates largely from the arrival of European print culture in Australia (c.1788) to the present. However, pre-1788 works, such as Gabriel de Foigny's utopian, imaginary work from 1676, La Terre Australe Connue, are included, as are references to the pre-colonial and continuing storytelling cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Sammlung von australischer Literatur wie auch nicht-fiktionaler Prosa aus verschiedenen Quellen, beinhaltet auch verschiedene Sondersammlungen. Durchsuchbar nach Autor, Titel und Stichwörtern. Betrieben von der University of Sydney.

The Australian Poetry Collection is the largest dedicated national library of Australian poetry, past and present.

It comprises a substantial collection of Australian anthologies, individual author collections from poets across Australia; chapbooks and literary journal series and periodicals; newsletters and magazines produced by Australian literary organisations; ephemera such as posters, flyers, concrete poetry and other artwork; and contemporary, new releases.

Über 5'000 gemäss australischem Urheberrecht frei verfügbare eBooks werden auf dieser Plattform angeboten. Es umfasst Werke australischer Schriftsteller, Bücher über Australien und Titel, welche für Australien interessant sein könnten.

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